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I WILL RISE by Michael Louis Calvillo

In twenty-four hours, everyone you know will be dead…

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In twenty-four hours, everyone you know will be dead…

Charles is an ugly, potbellied, acne-scarred line chef with a deformed left hand that triggers massive seizures. After a run-in with a cop and his dog, Charles is thrust into death, only to be risen again with the newfound ability to kill people simply by touching them.

His mission, of course, is to annihilate the human race.

Annabelle is a fiery redhead, physically blind, with a serious appetite for apocalyptic mayhem. She is charged with guiding and orchestrating Charles on his journey to “save” humanity.

Relishing the opportunity to make the world suffer, Charles embraces his bloody destiny, but as his killing touch spreads death and destruction, self-doubt and self-loathing plague him as he falls for Annabelle.

As his feelings deepen, Charles wonders if he has been shunned by society for most of his existence or if his loneliness is a by-product of his own ignorance. As realization flowers and regrets begin to surface, he must make a choice between the screams of the dead and the pleas of the living.

Does all of humanity really deserve to perish at his hands? Is it too late for Charles to defy death, escape meat-cleaver-wielding pro-human maniacs, prevent zombie hordes from rising, and stop the cataclysmic forces raging inside his body?

Or does the human virus need to be destroyed once and for all?

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