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In the tradition of Philip K. Dick, Lesser Creatures is a dark, terrifying and sometimes satirical glimpse of a possible near-future, a wicked love letter to a wide-eyed, apocalypse-ready generation. And, perhaps, a wakeup call.

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Fifteen years. That’s how long the dead have walked among the living. But these corpses aren’t the feral monsters mankind feared. Instead, known as Second-Lifers, they appear relatively harmless and in need of help, presenting a strain on an already struggling economy and creating a generation with the fewest technological advances in centuries.

But change is coming…

The leader of a burgeoning religion delivers a revelation…a second-lifer is offered a new career…and a down-on-his-luck ad man comes face to face with his painful past. Connected by a haunting, obscure tune from the 1970s, and a bizarre magic few understand, they are all thrust into a dark weekend of the soul, with the very fate of the world hanging in the balance.

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