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SKINNER by David Bernstein

“The perfect horror novel.” —Cat After Dark Reviews

“Fast-paced,cinematic, and excellent. Horror fans gather around, it’s time for another chillingtale from David Bernstein.”  —Keith Deininger, author of Withinand Ghosts of Eden

“A brutal horror story that will keep surprising you over and over” —Horror Underground

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For six close friends, a weekend away turns deadly when their vehicle skids off the road and crashes in a remote part of the Adirondack Mountains.

In the direct path of a blizzard, they are hurt, cold and scared, wondering if they’ll make it through the night. But the group’s luck seemingly changes when they take refuge in a small cabin.

Their plan is simple: wait for the storm to pass. But there is something else out there that has its own plans for them.

Invade. Reveal secrets. Invoke madness. Make enemies out of friends. Create chaos. And shed blood.

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