Readers’ Choice Awards


The DarkFuse Readers’ Choice Award is given out in the following categories each year:

  • Best Novel
  • Best Novella
  • Best Short Story (beginning in 2017)
  • Best Tiny Terror (beginning in 2017)
  • Best DarkFuse Haiku (beginning in 2017)

Selections are nominated by the DarkFuse Readers Group (DRG) and voted on exclusively by our subscribers (hardcover & digital). This is a truly unique award not governed by a panel, fueled by a social popularity campaign or lobbied for by the authors.  It is voted on by those who matter most, which are the readers.

Each quarter the DRG members receive an e-ballot to vote on which book they felt was superior that quarter as judged by the quality of the fiction. The winners of all 4 quarters are then added to a final ballot which is again sent to all subscribers.  The author whose book is the reader’s choice winner, receives:

  • Cash prize
  • Engraved award
  • Promotional Focus / Push

Past Nominees & Winners

2011—Best Novella
Dreams the Ragman by Greg F. Gifune—WINNER
It Drinks Blood by J. F Gonzalez—Nominee
Fear Me by Tim Curran—Nominee
Olden by James Newman—Nominee

2012—Best Novella
Snowblind by Michael McBride—WINNER
The Underdwelling by Tim Curran—Nominee
After the Fade by Ronald Malfi—Nominee
Puppet Graveyard by Tim Curran—Nominee

2013—Best Novel
Corrosion by Jon Bassoff—WINNER
Season of the Wolf by Jeffrey J. Mariotte—Nominee
The New Flesh by Keith Deininger—Nominee
The Hole by William Meikle—Nominee

2013—Best Novella
Whom the Gods Would Destroy by Brian Hodge—WINNER
Clockwork Dolls by William Meikle—Nominee
House of Rain by Greg F. Gifune—Nominee
Nightmare Man by Alan Ryker—Nominee

2014—Best Novel
Sunblind by Michael McBride—WINNER

Nightcrawlers by Tim Curran—Nominee
Rogue by Greg F. Gifune—Nominee
Angel of the Abyss by Ed Kurtz—Nominee

2014—Best Novella
Oasis of the Damned by Greg F. Gifune—WINNER
Dead Five’s Pass by Colin F. Barnes—Nominee
When We Fall by Peter Giglio—Nominee
Blackout by Tim Curran—Nominee

2015—Best Novel
Q1 Nominee: Masters of Blood and Bone by Craig Saunders
Q2 Nominee: The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle
Q3 Nominee: Within by Keith Deininger
Q4 Nominee: The Incurables by Jon Bassoff

2015—Best Novella
Q1 Nominee: Tormentor by William Meikle
Q2 Nominee: Flesh and Coin by Craig Saunders
Q3 Nominee: With Fury In Hand by Lee Thompson
Q4 Nominee: Snowblind II by Michael McBride