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Terms & Conditions

By purchasing products through DarkFuse Magazine, the user agrees to the following terms:

Return Policy:

Physical goods can be returned within 14 business days for a full refund. Store credit will be issued from 15-30 days.  No returns after 30 days of receiving product.

Cancellation Policy:

If products are cancelled or not produced by their respective manufacturers:

Pre-Paid: A store credit will be issued for each item being cancelled, including shipping cost. Customer will be notified by receiving coupon of credit.

Pay-Later: Items will be cancelled from invoice and not charged. A note will be sent informing customer of cancellation.

Privacy Policy:

DarkFuse respects the privacy of its customers.  We do not share any information with 3rd parties.


DarkFuse does not store sensitive financial information on its site or databases.  Encrypted credit card information might be stored by a credit card processor (such as Stripe) in a secure PCI-compliant manner if you elect to store your details for future purchases (which is optional).

Pay Later:

Certain preordered items have a pay later option.  If you select this option, you can select Stripe or Pay Later.  Both payment methods will be charged or invoiced at a later date.  Credit card through Stripe will be automatically charged on production or shipping, whichever is stated on the product page.  Pay later method will initiate an invoice for a customer to pay at the date of either production or shipping.  Failure to pay for invoices within 72 hours will result in cancellation of order.  In multiple cases, this may lead to the restriction of a user ordering future product.

Digital Products:

Any digital goods purchased at DarkFuse Magazine are intended exclusively for the customer and are tracked and recorded for misuse.  You should never transfer a digital file to another party as you are the exclusive owner to that product which is tagged and linked to your account.

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